Privacy Policy

Rights and Duties:

Your registration with the Truth Round community and the use of its services is considered an acceptance of the Privacy Policy and a commitment to abide by its terms and conditions.


1. Confidentiality and Identity Disclosure:

-The Truth Round is a safe and confidential place, and the community management is committed to keeping your identity confidential in your conversations and messages, which will never be detected in any way.

  • Your identity is always anonymous and confidential, as long as you do not show it to the other party, in messages, conversations, and all other services provided by the Truth Round community later.
  • The community provides you with the optional procedure of "Reveal My Identity" can use it at will and in your own free will. This will only reveal your identity in the conversation in which you did so.
  • The community provides you only one confirmation step after you choose "Reveal My Identity" and you cannot undo it after your confirmation and approval.
  • Community management completely abandons responsibility for any consequences that may result from your loss of the password, or other person's access to it by mistake or any misuse of your account that may be obtained by you intentionally or unintentionally.

Truth Round Community Administration reserves the right to present your identity to any governmental agency that may require in cases of violation of your terms and conditions by, but not limited to: serious threats of violence, incitement, psychological abuse. With the exception of Political and freedom of opinion and expression.


2. Messages and Conversations:

The Truth Round is a safe place to express your opinions and feelings freely towards a person or group of people or discuss a subject.

  • Aliases, and fictitious names that does not represent you may not be used in the name field.
  • It is absolutely prohibited to use the name of a real person representing another person or entity or any name that does not belong to you. This behavior is impersonation and is in total violation of the terms and conditions of the Truth Round Society.
  • It is absolutely prohibited to use any name that may represent someone else or refer to individuals or entities that may not represent you.
  • The Truth Round Community provides you with easy registration and logging in without requiring confirmation of email. However, you must register a true e-mail, for password recovery operations and the like. The management of the Truth Round Society abandons responsibility for the consequences that may result from using an imaginary e-mail, including loss of password, loss of account, or any access to the account by the real e-mail owner. Community management promises not to send spam or annoying messages to your email.
  • One person is not allowed to create more than one account, and the Truth Round Community Administration reserves the right to delete duplicates accounts owned by one person, or to take another action in case of a similar violation.
  • The Truth Rhode Society allows you to choose the right image, modify it at any time, and forbid you to use this space to post any offensive or pornographic content or anything like it.

The management of the Truth Round community is entitled to permanently suspend your account, or temporarily request verification of your identity in the manner that the administration finds appropriate in cases of plagiarism or anything like it. The management reserves the right to modify the account name in a forced and final manner in line with your real personality. The management also has the right to take the necessary action in the case of the above violations. It may delete the infringing content, stop the infringing user account temporarily or permanently, deny the violating user some community services, prevent him from creating any other account, or any other action that may be appropriate for the violation.

4. Deactivation or Deletion of the Account or Content:

The Truth Round Society seeks to achieve the highest level of safety.

Accordingly, the Truth Round Community Administration reserves the full right to suspend any account temporarily or permanently in certain cases of violation of the laws of the Truth Round Society. For example:

  • The Truth Round Society reserves the right to display ads and advertisements directed to any page that the Community may contain.
  • The Truth Round community provides all of its services free of charge, and you do not have to enter any data for your credit cards or bank accounts or pay any amount to for any service provided by the Truth Round community.
  • All the services and features used in the Truth Round Society, are owned by Truth Round Company registered in Norway. Any tradition or reproduction of one of its features or similar use of its mechanisms or images and graphics of the community anywhere outside society is a clear violation of Norwegian law providing for protection Intellectual property rights and property rights, applicable or similar in most countries of the world, include protection: imitation and use by all means, and all the languages listed.
  • The texts written on the Privacy Policy page and the Terms and Conditions page in the English language have been edited. Any misunderstanding may result from the translation of the text into another language, the English language being the reference to this dispute.

The Truth Round Community Administration reserves the right to amend the Terms of Privacy and the terms and conditions at the time it deems appropriate and in line with the needs of the community.